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Poster: mika martini Date: Jan 25, 2012 10:24am
Forum: netlabels Subject: New Mika Martini release! (Chile)

"los hanoish y otras subculturas extintas"

"All we stay alive upon lots of ruins and debris. We do it upon geolical strata that lasted million years to agglomerate as well as upon intangibles and material manifestations of cultures blown with the wind. But, is it 'upon' the proper word to this matter? In a country like ours, that clearly has a mestizo origin, the level of uprooting and ignorance of our roots exhibited by the most of its people is remarkable. The same people who daily uses place names and native roots words without a bit of conscious of its original meaning.

Actually, the new Mika Martini's release is very deep in thought, and it's not meant to be an anthropological work but it did felt its first taste inside the recordings of Yagán people tales behind Ursula Calderón's voice, which are recorded by Lluvia Acida, the magellan duet, and heard at the album 'Kuluana' (pncd05 / 2009), in which Mika Martini featured as producer an live musician. As he told us, he's got a kind of 'negative soundcast', one that didn't make it intelligible though, it triggered a though anyway: the impossibility of completely understanding an ancient and closer-to-Nature cosmovision than ours.

To give the right shape and content to this idea, Mika Martini has not made both diagnostic, neither proclaimed manifest on the missing or current pre-hispanic cultures state. He simply crafts new cultures, as one who crafts characters of a history we will never get at all. As well as José Vicente Asuar's 'Guararia Repano' (1968), a piece that left us in the middle of the Jíbaro Culture because of its electroacoustic music. 'Los Hanoish y otras subculturas extintas' (The Hanoish and Other Extinct Cultures) may invite us to think, from a sound perspective, about how human beings may consider their fellow as 'aliens'. The cultures creates their own visions of the world, en because of that you see they're living in harmony not very often. Our history, during the past and nowadays can reveal that. And the sound experiments, in a less directed and pompous way than a protest song could do, also can stand at it and give its view. But the most important thing: This album will bring us that freedom to generate our own statement from the base of asound experience. This album will bring you that freedom, if you lend your ears en open your mind to it..."